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Clever Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From your Campsite

MosquitoMosquitoes are a fact of life outdoors. They can smell the carbon dioxide in human breath from over 100 feet away, so it’s no wonder they flock to campsites this time of year. However, there’s no need to let these pesky creatures ruin your outdoor fun with itchy bites. Here are a few clever ways to deter mosquitoes during your next camping trip.

Burn sage.

Mosquitoes hate the smell of sage, so if you add some to your campfire they’ll stay away. As an added bonus, ticks dislike it too! The sage smell will linger on your skin and clothing after the fire burns out, giving you extended protection.

Pack dryer sheets.

Even if you’re not planning on doing any laundry, pack some dryer sheets on your next camping trip. Mosquitoes and bees will avoid them, so place them under tablecloths, near food and in your pockets.

Sprinkle some mouthwash.

Mint is another smell that mosquitoes hate. After using some mint-flavored mouthwash, sprinkle it around your campsite to keep them away.

Light a candle.

Not only do citronella candles add ambiance to your campsite; they also keep mosquitoes at bay! Best of all, a single candle can offer hours of protection against mosquitoes.

Rub yourself with citrus peel.

Mosquitoes aren’t very fond of citrus oils, either. After you peel an orange or lemon, rub your skin with the peel to deter mosquitoes. This only works with fresh peel, so do it right away.

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How to Keep Mosquitoes and Other Insects Away From Your Campsite

MosquitoNothing will ruin a camping trip quicker than mosquitoes and other biting insects. One minute you’re enjoying a quiet night around the campfire, and the next you’re scrambling into your tent to avoid getting eaten alive by insects. Fortunately, there are easy, effective ways to keep these insects at bay during your next camping trip. Learn more about a few of our favorite mosquito-repelling techniques below!

Throw some sage in your campfire.

Most insects, including mosquitoes, don’t like the smell of burning sage. By tossing some of this inexpensive herb into your campfire, you can dissuade biting insects from getting too close. As an added bonus, the smell of sage will usually linger on your clothing and provide a little extra protection after the fire has burned out.

Put a dryer sheet in your pocket.

You might not be doing any laundry on your next camping trip, but don’t let that stop you from keeping a box of dryer sheets in your camping gear. Just like they don’t like the smell of sage, mosquitoes and other insects typically don’t like the smell of dryer sheets either. Keeping one or two of them in your pocket is often more than enough to keep the bugs away.

Dab a small amount of vinegar on your skin.

Are you desperate to get rid of the insects around your campsite once and for all? Vinegar has one of the strongest, most effective bug-repelling odors you can find. A word of warning, however: it may be unpleasant for people who are sensitive to strong odors, too.

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